Biological Systems Engineering

Microwave Heating

Facilities and Capabilities

  • Uniquely designed pilot-scale microwave sterilization system protected by a US Patent No. 7,119,313 to provide fast and relatively uniform heating.

  • Methods and systems to measure temperature in batch and semi continuous operation modes.

  • Dielectric property measurement system at 915 MHz for temperatures 4 to 130 ºC.

    Dielectric properties measurement

  • Finite Element and Finite Difference Time-Domain simulation packages.

    Computer simulation

  • Systems and methods for cold spot determination:

    infrared imaging and fiber-optic sensors

    chemical markers, HPLC and digital imaging system

    infrared imaging

  • Methods and equipment to evaluate PA 3679 spores as surrogates for Clostridium botulinum spores.


  • Sensory Evaluation Lab for quality studies.

    Sensory in progress

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